The Heart of the Matter Workshop

Friday, October 2, 2015 - 9:00am
Widener University, Chester, PA
This is Core Knowledge Course # 3 for the Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Certificate.

The morning program will focus on crucial aspects of the therapeutic environment that lead to successful treatment of child sexual abuse, regardless of theoretical approach or technique. Management of the trauma symptoms and experience in therapy will be discussed, with a particular emphasis on dissociation. Case vignettes will be presented to illustrate concepts and techniques.

The afternoon panel of clinicians with specialized training in different techniques will compare these techniques to further elucidate how to bring about healing and health in the recovery process.


  • 1. Create a comforting environment that encourages sharing.
  • 2. Promote and model boundaries that ensure a sense of safety.
  • 3. Observe the impact of betrayal on the client’s relationships, both in the therapy and in the larger world.
  • 4. Recognize the importance of educating clients about the dynamics of sexual abuse and personal safety.
  • 5. Discuss recent developments which have impacted the treatment of childhood sexual abuse.
  • 6. Identify how different treatment techniques can help the client process traumatic material.

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