We Care . We Listen. We Act.

Family Support Line has extensive knowledge of the issue of child sexual abuse. We prevent the harm. We heal the hurt. We educate professionals. We coordinate the response.

We provide hope.

  • Kelly Ace Head Shot Kelly Ace, PhD, JD
    Program Director
    610.268.9145 ext. 14

    Kelly oversees our Treatment, Abuse Prevention Education, and Professional Training programs. She collaborates with schools, human service providers, and community groups to provide educational materials and experiences that enhance children’s safety and increase public awareness of child sexual abuse and its effects. She leads our treatment team and also spearheads our Many Languages, One Voice initiative to reach out to families and communities whose first language is not English.

  • Kristian Coronado Head Shot Kristian Coronado
    DCCAC Family Advocate
    610.268.9145 ext. 12

    Kristian serves as a family advocate and provides services to families by working with them throughout the entire process. Kristian coordinates the intake process by communicating with families, law enforcement, Children and Youth Services, the District Attorney, and any other individuals involved. After the initial contact, she provides advocacy services by meeting with non-offending caregivers to provide information on the interview process, referrals for medical and counseling services, and education on the judicial system. Kristian also supports families throughout their journey by providing follow up calls to address any questions or concerns, providing case updates when possible, and providing court accompaniment if needed.

  • Lesi Elbirn Head Shot Lesi Elbirn
    Family Advocate
    610.268.9145 ext. 13

    Lesi coordinates the intake process for DCCAC cases by initiating communication with the necessary parties to include families, law enforcement, Children and Youth Services, the District Attorney and other professionals. As a family advocate, she also provides emotional support and a sense of physical and emotional safety for the child and the non-offending caregiver by creating an accepting, non-judgmental environment. Education is provided as well to the non-offending caregiver on what they can expect from the criminal and/or juvenile justice process. Additionally, Lesi provides information on services that are offered within their community that can help further assist them in their recovery from the impact of the crime.

  • Mary Anne EvesMary Anne Eves
    Administrative Assistant
    610.268.9145 ext. 20

    Mary Anne handles the administrative aspects of Family Support Line. She maintains all AP/AR files and assists FSL’s part-time accounting staff with the bookkeeping. She oversees all personnel records, keeping them up-to-date and in compliance with current regulations. She submits the payroll and works with staff at the payroll company. She purchases office supplies and equipment, researches the best prices, makes sure needed items are in stock and keeps current inventory and asset lists. She is the contact with the real estate company when repairs to the offices/facility are required. She works closely with Pat Kosinski, the Executive Director, and Kathleen Vasko, the Development Coordinator to maintain accurate records of all donations to FSL, including acknowledgement of these donations. This is especially important with regard to our annual fundraiser Bids for Kids. She also works with Kelly Ace, the Program Director, to prepare materials needed for the many outreach programs FSL provides to the community.

  • Jodi Kaplan, MSSJodi Kaplan, MSS
    Director, DCCAC
    610.268.9145 ext. 19

    Jodi is responsible for the operational success of the Delaware County Children’s Advocacy Center (DCCAC) whose goal is to provide a coordinated response to children who have disclosed child sexual or serious physical abuse. Jodi coordinates the multidisciplinary investigative team and conducts professional forensic interviews of children who are alleged victims of sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, or have witnessed a violent crime. Jodi also develops, implements and maintains the procedures, policies and operational manuals for the DCCAC in compliance with the accreditation standards of the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) and the local protocol.

  • Pat Kosinski Head ShotPatricia Kosinski, MSS
    Executive Director
    610.268.9145 ext. 16

    Pat leads Family Support Line under the direction of the Board of Directors with the goal of advancing the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. Along with the program directors, Pat ensures that the highest quality of service is provided to all children and families served by Family Support Line and its various programs. Pat works with the Board to maintain proper accountability of the organization, adherence to all regulations, and good stewardship. Over the past 20 years, Pat has led the organization through five strategic plans, expanded the organization’s professional training seminars and the developed the Delaware County Children’s Advocacy Center.

  • Tiffini-Leigh LanzaTiffini-Leigh Lanza
    610.268.9145 ext. 17

    Tiffini is our licensed therapist and educator at Family Support Line. Tiffini provides trauma informed therapy for our clients who have been sexually abused. Tiffini provides education and support to the families affected by child sexual abuse. Tiffini provides a supportive environment for the survivor to start their journey to healing from their sexual abuse. Tiffini also provides educational programs in Delaware County schools. These programs include educating around healthy relationships, sexual harassment, and cyber safety.

  • Kathleen VaskoKathleen Vasko
    Development Coordinator
    610.268.9145 ext. 18

    Kathleen is responsible for organizing and managing fundraising activities and donor relations to support Family Support Line. Kathleen works closely with the Executive Director to create and execute development plans. Kathleen is responsible for communication and promotion with the goal to increase awareness in the community about Family Support Line and the Delaware County Children’s Advocacy Center.

  • Suzanne WhitingSusanne Whiting
    DCCAC Forensic Interviewer
    610.268.9145 ext. 15

    Susanne is a social worker and Forensic Interviewer trained in the National Children’s Advocacy Center’s (NCAC) Forensic Interviewing model. Susanne conducts developmentally sensitive, legally defensible forensic interviews with children and adolescents who may have experienced abuse and/or witnessed violence. Susanne works within the Delaware County Multidisciplinary Investigative Team (MDIT) and facilitates pre- and post-interview team meetings. Susanne prepares written summaries of the interviews based on DCCAC standards, and assists with program and agency outreach, case-tracking and the development of educational programs.

  • Alicia Brough, MEd
    Group Leader
  • Elizabeth Deegan, MS, LPC, NCC
    Group Leader
  • Alice Hasbrouck, PsyD 
    Group Leader
  • Mary Hove, MS
    Group Leader, Prevention Program Instructor
  • Laura Lowman, LCSW, RPT
  • Jane Mackay, MA
  • Caroline Tamaccio, BA
    Group Leader, Prevention Program Instructor, Program Associate
  • Alana Tipton, MSS, LSW
    Group Leader