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How Can Talking About It Help?

When you have strong, upsetting feelings it is important to get them from inside to outside! Holding feelings inside only makes things worse. Often talking to someone can take away some anxiety right away.

First of all, it does not mean you are weak to ask for help! Everyone needs help sometime. Talking to good friend, family person or counselor can help you to look at things and understand better. It can help you to solve problems.

They can give you ideas of what you can do or say to a person who has hurt you. They can help you to deal with the people in your life that don't understand or do not believe you. They can also help you to find things to put into your life that are happy, calming, and fun!

If someone is still abusing you, it's very important to talk to someone to get support to tell the secret and get the person to stop hurting you. It can only keep happening if it is kept a secret!

You may feel hopeless but you may have more power than you think! People who sexually abuse want to do someone that is wrong, but they also do not want to get caught! They have broken the law. You, on the other hand have truth and justice on your side. It is never your fault when someone breaks the rules – and the law!

Reaching out can help get you a new perspective, support, and ways to cope!

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