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Internet Safety Tips for Teens

  • Be smart about what you post online and send via text. Once you share something online or through social media, you lose control over who sees it. You may be able to delete the material from a computer, phone or website. But, you won't be able to get that material back if people have made copies or forwarded it to others. Companies who own websites/apps may also keep the material, even if you can't see it anymore.
  • Sexy names and pictures can lead to attention from people you don't want in your life.
  • Nude/sexually explicit pictures of anyone under 18 are, by definition, child pornography. Creating, possessing or sending child pornography is a serious crime -- even when a person under 18 takes pictures/videos of themselves. If you are found to have made or sent something that meets the definition of child pornography, you may be arrested. Police may take your phone/computer. You can be charged criminally -- and face a wide range of serious, unpleasant consequences.
  • Going to sex chat rooms and other sex sites may connect you with people who can harass you in ways you don't want.
  • Adults who talk with someone who is underage about having sex can be arrested. So can adults who meet underage teens for sex. Some teens think it might be fun, harmless or romantic, but it means serious trouble for everyone. It's best to report it.
  • Don't share private information about yourself with people you've only met online or through social media.
  • If someone is bullying or harassing you or someone you know, report it. No one should have to deal with this alone. Save copies of texts, etc. and tell an adult you trust.
  • If you're online with your friends – don't let them pressure you to do things you ordinarily wouldn't.
  • Be careful if you ever go to meet someone you have gotten to know online or through social media. You may think you know them well, but they may fool you. Tell your parents. Go with a friend. Meet in a public place. Make sure you have your cell phone and can leave when you want.
  • Don't harass others. People may get back at you in ways you don't expect.


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