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Staying Safe

You Own Your Own Body

  • Your body belongs to you!
  • You can decide who touches you. Everybody needs privacy sometimes.
  • If you feel like something's wrong – you are right!

Know the rules to keep yourself safe! Learn what to do if someone breaks the rules! SAFETY RULES

  • No one (strangers OR people we know) should touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • If a hug or a kiss makes you feel happy - it's a good touch.  But if it doesn't feel right - if it makes you feel weird, confused or uncomfortable......

                    You can say... "NO please stop" 

  • If a touch starts out okay but then we don't like it (like tickling or wrestling) – you can ask the person to stop – even people who are older or bigger than you.
  • No one should try to look at or touch private parts of your body – OR – ask you to look at or touch private parts of their body (except perhaps a doctor or when parents help you to keep clean when you are very young).
  • No one should ever ask you to keep a touching secret.
  • If someone touches or tries to touch you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult you trust. If they don't believe you or understand you, keep telling until someone believes you.
  • Tell a grown up you trust what happened.
  • It is never too late to tell! If you tell and are not believed – tell another person and keep telling until someone believes you!
  • It is NEVER your fault – even if you couldn't say no or something happened many times. It is NEVER your fault. It is against the law and it is the older person's fault!

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