Facts, Tips and Resources to help you help others.

Things You Can Say to Help a Friend

  1. Tell your friend, "It's not your fault."

    Never blame your friend. Abuse is never a person's fault even if they did not yell for help, fight back or tell someone.

  2. Tell your friend that the important thing is that they are okay.

    It will make them feel better to hear that they didn't do anything wrong!

  3. Tell your friend that you believe they were abused.

    It will make them feel better if they see that you believe them.

  4. Tell your friend that they can always talk to you.

    Be their friend by listening. Be helpful by listening without asking questions. Let them tell you only what they want to.

  5. Ask your friend what they need from you instead of telling them what they should do.

    Let them be in charge of who they tell. This will show them that they are strong.

  6. Tell your friend it's O.K. to talk about their feelings for as long as they need.

    It's normal to feel angry, afraid, nervous and sad. If things get really bad for them, tell them you will go with them to get help.

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