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Tips for Selecting a Counselor

  • It is a good idea to shop around for a counselor. Some people find it useful to interview counselors over the phone before making an appointment.
  • Ask for recommendations from persons who used their services. Ask them for 'persons they trust'.
  • You have the right to ask a counselor about training and experience and how this qualifies him/her to help you.
  • The counselor should not abuse his/her power by subjecting you to emotional injury, sexual contact, or deception.
  • The counselor will maintain confidentiality. You should expect that confidence will be kept, but within certain limits. For example, if the counselor knows that you are going to hurt yourself or that someone else will be hurt, then the counselor might need to break confidence.
  • You should be treated respectfully by the counselor.
  • Follow your intuition when interviewing a therapist. It is important that you feel you can make a connection with this counselor.

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