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What Parents of Abused Children Have Learned About Offender Behaviors

No one thinks about their child being abused! If you suspect or have found that your child was sexually abused – you are not alone! Most parents believe their child when they disclose abuse. However, totally understanding the realities and effects on their child is a process – not an event.

Twenty-twenty hindsight gradually reveals missed signs that a child's safety was in jeopardy. Parents of sexually abused children have noted the following behaviors of offenders that originally may not have been understood.

  • Poor boundaries around children/little or no respect for privacy for themselves or others
  • Refuses to let a child set any of his or her own limits. Insists on hugging, touching, kissing, tickling, wrestling with, or holding a child even when the child clearly does not want this affection
  • Is overly interested in the sexuality of a particular child or teen (e.g., talks repeatedly about the child's developing body or interferes with normal teen dating)
  • Manages to get time alone or insists on time alone with a child with no interruptions
  • Spends most of his/her spare time with children and has little interest in spending time with someone his/her own age
  • Regularly offers to baby-sit many different children for free or takes children on overnight outings alone
  • Buys children gifts or gives them money for no apparent reason
  • Frequently walks in on children/teens in the bathroom or bedroom
  • Allows children or teens to consistently get away with inappropriate and/or sexualized behaviors
  • Interested in pornography and/or browses pornography online

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