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Personal Safety for Middle and High School Children

Our young teens and older adolescents need to understand that they are in charge of their bodies and personal space. They can still be manipulated and tricked by offenders. Understanding boundaries and teaching assertiveness is the core of the message of the Family Support Line Personal Safety programs for Middle and High School aged youth.

Our programs are designed for classroom presentations but can be adapted for larger groups. The content is designed to be age appropriate. We use questionnaires, discussion, role-play and multi-media presentations to engage the youth in an active learning process.

Learn more about our seminars:

Personal Safety for Pre-School/Elementary

Other topics offered:

  • Cyber-bullying/Internet Safety
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Healthy Relationships

Program Benefits: 

  • Remind young persons that they are in charge of their bodies and personal space
  • Understand secrets and tricks of offenders – even though they are getting older
  • Understand the importance of not keeping hurtful secrets
  • Know the importance of telling an adult until someone understands and helps
  • Know that uncomfortable touch from an older person is never a child’s fault

Contact Information

Kelly J. Ace, PhD, JD
Program Director
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100 W. 6th Street, Suite 1, Media, PA 19063

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