There is a way to heal from child sexual abuse.

Community Group Program

You Are Not Alone.

Group Therapy

For 30 years, Family Support Line has offered healing from the pain of child sexual abuse and a place where fear and isolation disappear. Our professional group leaders build a safe place for the work of healing. Participants learn that they can move from victim to survivor.

Family Support Line Community Groups for Non-Offending Parents/Caregivers meet for 4-6 week sessions throughout the year. Members experience and share their many emotions and reactions associated with child sexual abuse. In this safe and supportive atmosphere, parents have the opportunity to grieve the losses created by the sexual abuse, discuss the unique difficulties of parenting children who have experienced sexual trauma, and receive emotional support from others who have similar experiences.

We also run a children's psychoeducational group at the same time for children 12 and under whose families have been impacted by sexual abuse.

Therapy groups for children and youth who have experienced sexual abuse are offered periodically, according to demand.

Who Should Attend: 

Individuals and families who are interested in participating in our Community Groups program should contact Kelly Ace at 610.268.9145 ext. 14 to discuss if it is right for you. If that seems to be the case, an intake process will be initiated.

Because we want our groups to feel safe, we are very careful about the timing of new members joining. So, there can be a delay between the intake process and participation in a group. However, individual, family, and couple therapy/consultation may be available in the meantime.

Program Benefits: 

  • There is no charge for participation in the groups.
  • Transportation may be available.

Contact Information

Kelly J. Ace, PhD, JD
Program Director
(610) 268-9145 ext. 14

100 W. 6th Street, Suite 1, Media, PA 19063

Phone 610.268.9145  Fax 610.565.3641


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