Help for teens who have been in foster care

Life Skills

Preparing for a Positive Future.

The Life Skills Program

In this component of the Independent Living Plan developed for each youth, our mission is to assist these adolescents in attaining skills necessary to live a healthy and productive adult life.

The seminar is based on the well-researched Ansell Casey 'Life Skill Domains,' which lays the foundation for success.

Family Support Line's Life Skills group leaders bring a combined 30 years of experience working with youth in a variety of settings. The seminar presentations involve an array of media, materials and methods to help the youth develop an understanding and knowledge around each skill area. Each session is unique.

The program runs for 12 weeks and is held at various locations throughout the County. The program is free and transportation is provided. Participating youth are paid a $10 stipend for each session they attend.

Family Support Line has provided quality group programs, professional and caring counseling services and prevention education to heal the hurt of child sexual abuse and other family trauma for 15 years. We are pleased again to work with our partners at Children and Youth Services (CYS) to support these adolescents as they make these important choices for adulthood.

If you have questions or want to make sure a youth is referred, contact Julie Sullender -  Independent Living Supervisor for CYS or call Family Support Line at (610) 891-5237.

Who Should Attend: 

The Life Skills Program is for teens who are or have been in foster care.

What's Covered: 

  • Career Planning
  • Communication
  • Daily Living
  • Housing and Money Management
  • Self Care
  • Social Relationships
  • Work and Study
  • Work Life

Program Benefits: 

  • Help youth process the loss of daily living support.
  • Support caregivers in reinforcing interdependency.
  • Cultivate community support for foster care youth to obtain self-sufficiency skills.

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