Telehealth Option

Family Support Line Provides distance "telehealth" services on a limited basis to established clients. Clients interested in this option must give informed consent before participating in this type of service.

This means understanding that:

• “Distance communications” through phone, video, or other technology are not the same as in-person sessions. It’s harder to notice body language and figure out what it means. This can lead to misunderstandings. So, it’s important for me and the therapist to check to make sure we are understanding each other.

• Privacy is very important during distance communication sessions. I agree to find a place where other people cannot watch or overhear me during one-on-one sessions with my therapist. I will let my therapist know if someone interrupts or enters the area. If a relative or other person is part of my therapy session, I will make sure that my therapist knows right away that they are present.

• Family Support Line Treatment Program staff use secure video communications technology when communicating with clients. However, they do not control that technology completely. So, my privacy is not as complete as it is in face-to-face communications.

• Technology sometimes doesn’t work the way it should. There can be problems with the device I use, the device the therapist uses, and the phone or internet service, and other problems. If my therapist and I are not able to connect as planned or our communication ends suddenly, I agree to follow the plan my therapist and I have developed. This includes using a different means of communication, if possible.

• My therapist and I will regularly talk about whether distance communications are a good fit for my needs and whether we will continue them. If either of us decides that it is not a good fit, we will come up with another plan for helping me meet my treatment goals.

• Family Support Line staff will not record phone or video conversations with me. I agree that I won’t record the sessions, either. This will help make sure that my information stays private.

• Distance communication is not a good way to help someone if they are thinking about hurting themselves, doing something dangerous, or hurting someone else. I will follow the plan my therapist and I have developed for what to do if I am in crisis. This includes giving Family Support Line an emergency contact name and phone number.


Individuals interested in this service should talk with their Family Support Line Therapist. Others may direct questions to the Program Director, Kelly Ace at

100 W. 6th Street, Suite 1, Media, PA 19063

Phone 610.268.9145  Fax 610.565.3641


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