We can all act to protect children


Keep children safe.

Child sexual abuse is a public health problem. Children are born happy and innocent, but they can be tricked. Adults can become aware, teach children the rules and protect the youngest in our society. Family Support Line can help!

Seminars for Parents

We truly believe that parents are a child's best teacher.

Talking to Your Child About Personal Safety

Seminars for Mandated Reporters

Teachers and others, who work with and around children, are primary in keeping children safe.

Recognizing and Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

Seminars for Community Members

It is the responsibility of all adults to keep children safe.

Understanding Child Sexual Abuse

Programs for Preschool and Elementary

We have worked with more than 100 schools, daycare centers and churches in the Philadelphia area.

Personal Safety for Preschool and Elementary

Programs for Middle and High School

Pre-teens and teens are still vulnerable and need to learn appropriate boundaries to make good choices.

Personal Safety for Middle and High School

Programs for Adoptive and Foster care parents

Foster parenting is a demanding job that requires commitment, patience and specialized skills.

Parenting the Sexually Abused Child: A seminar for foster and adoptive parents